Delivering Quality Products for more than 30 Years

Our Mission

The Promark Group is a manufacturers’ representative organization that provides our customers with products from some of the most recognizable manufacturers in the pool and spa industry. Our focus is bringing U.S. based manufacturers that combine high quality, great service and competitive pricing to pool and spa distributors.

Develop a Strategic Plan

We work with our manufacturers to create a demand for their products through strategic advertising and then partner with our pool distributors to promote our manufacturers’ products through direct email advertising to pool builders, retailers and service companies.

Strategic Selling

Through our database, we are able to target the end-seller by State, retailer, builder, service company and other targeted buyers in order to focus our selling efforts. With dedicated personnel, our databases are updated continuously.

Increase Profits

We work with our manufacturers to develop sales programs with a focus on profit margins. Due to online retailers, pool retailers have seen their profits squeezed in recent years. Most of our manufacturers have adopted MAP Policy (Manufacturers Accepted Price) and are enforcing this policy with the major online retailers.

Enhance Customer Relations

Most of our customer relationships are based on decades of presenting leading pool industry brands the old-fashioned way: at the customers place of business and with a comprehensive catalog. Our catalog has been praised as the best manufacturers representative catalog by our customers.

Contact Us

We work with our manufacturers in the development of new products, sales and marketing programs and in the control of their products on the Internet. We have a fully staffed corporate office and inside sales support and are located in the Westport business district.

The Promark Group, and Stephen Schwartz, Managing Principal, have been associated with Fiber Clear, Inc. for 10+ years. Stephen’s agency is the gold standard for manufacturer’s rep agencies. It has been my great pleasure to be associated with this professional organization.


Mark G. Dunlop

Fiber Clear, Inc.


The Promark Group has successfully grown market share and brand recognition for our Epoxybond® Pool Putty. They are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with.


Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.


Gladon Company has had the privilege of working with Stephen Schwartz and The Promark Group for over 30 years. Stephen does business “the old school way”, and without question, his knowledge of the industry is second to none. Our relationship goes well beyond business, with everyone considering The Promark Group  part of the Gladon family.


The Gladon Company