PoolCo USA is pleased to announce the 17th year of its distribution warehouse facility serving the midwest. Our large selection, well-stocked year-round inventory and field experience has positioned us to enter market areas throughout the midwest. PoolCo’s cash & carry program is providing huge savings to its dealers. It has now successfully filled a distribution void in this region. The dealers of this area do have an alternative in choosing their distributor. With the General Manager’s 45 years of experience in pool sales, construction, and wholesale marketing, PoolCo is in a unique position to assist all dealers, especially new dealer start ups. Very few distributors have taken the time or the effort to guide a new dealer in the most crucial aspects of business startup. PoolCo has years of experience in every area of their endeavor. Many sales representatives and even distribution managers have never installed a pool or may have no prior experience within our industry. However, all of PoolCo’s sales staff and even warehouse workers have expertise in both service and installation of pools. You will find that PoolCo is able to help you in whatever growth stage you are in.